2. Resource Leveling

2. Resource Leveling


The simple and quick way to get resources leveled is to set Finish-to Start link for tasks using the same resource.

  • Res1 is over-allocated by doing two tasks at the same time or in terms of MS Project Res1 has 100% units allocated for Task1 and 100% for Task2 which are performed at the same time.
  • Adding FS-link between Task1 and Tasks removes over-allocation

That is what button does. Algorithm goes from project start to finish adding FS-links between tasks where resource over-allocation found. Added links info is subsequently saved in task fields (Text12) allowing to remove leveling links if results are not acceptable. Removing of leveling links can be done by clicking on .

1) If two or more resources overallocated on the same tasks the Numbe18 resource field takes into account. Resource with higher value in Number18 field is leveled first,
2) Only Work resources can be leveled,
3) The approach described is not optimal and can be used carefully.

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