Advanced project management with Microsoft Project

Construction Project is a Microsoft Project Add-In for improving  project scheduling, executing, reporting and change management. CP adds advanced features to basic MS Project functionality :

  • attractive Excel and Power BI reports,
  • advanced task types, complex tasks, tasks for scheduling payments, procurement task,
  • advanced cost management,
  • engine for getting actuals from resources assigned to project tasks,
  • automation and simplification of many functions,

to level up planning accuracy, project monitoring and managing changes as well as simplify routine operations to reduce administrative time.

Enhanced MS Project reporting

Analyze MS Project schedules in Excel Pivots and Power BI views. Construction Project builds selected project data in compact, user-friendly Power BI views or MS Excel Pivots and Charts. Easy way for getting project state at glance without missing anything valuable.

Advanced Tasks

Try to handle real-life activities with Advanced Tasks. Physical volumes, measure units, item costs, individual resource rates for each task, performance, productivity, consumption and others come on MS Project stage to improve schedules.

Collect Actuals by Excel

Get work done from resources using simple Excel sheets automatically generated by Construction Project Exchange Form system. Easy, time-saving and cost-efficient way to keep project updated.