2.1. Settings

2.1. Settings

‘Extras’ group

Group of CP-Tools contains Construction Project environment settings, related tools, guides, helps e.t.c

  • – Show customer feedback form to inform us if something goes wrong.
  • – Show list MS Project fields reserved by Construction Project when C-type project is processed. For typical project it is not applicable and all fields are free to use


Settings button shows Construction Project core system settings. Root folder on form bottom points to CP-folder structure with settings and other data. CP saves Root folder path in windows registry. Thus, if your uninstall and reinstall CP the configuration recovers (assuming that Root folder structure was not deleted). It is easy to switch between different CP configurations by changing Root folder.

Construction Project settings window
Setting panel

The following is a description for all parameters in settings groups.


Cloud-Folder workflow

Exchange root folder

ExForm root exchange folder specifies where all Exchange Forms is being processed. By default -‘Users’ folder

Allow to import ExForms with ‘Ready to import status only’

If set ExForm Designer checks ‘ready to import status’ before loading data


Template name field

Specify Text field name used to store .mpt template name from which tasks being loaded. Can be name or alias of text or outline code MS Project field. See details

Template location

Templates location folder. Place where templates have to be stored.

Default template

Template which is used by default if no template specified by template name field.


Log Path

Log file path where operational activities are saved.

Show log on ribbon

If check log icon shown on CP-Tools ribbon tab


Activation request

Open License Manager.. License requesting, acquiring, activation.

Update license

Forced license update. Check licence online and update if required.

Licence information

Current license details


Construction Project current version number.

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